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Every brand has a story – a mission.

And you need a lot more than a logo and trendy website to communicate it with your audience.


That’s why at Jobson Studios, we don’t think of ourselves as “logo designers” and “website builders” – we’re brand crafters.


A logo is a powerful element of your brand, and a website is an essential marketing tool. But your identity as a business is so much mightier than the individual pieces that represent it.

Every project we take on starts with our Brand Strategy & Positioning prep-work to help you get clear on your company’s story, mission, audience, and originality. We build on that foundation to design distinctive brand identities and effective websites. Our goal is to support you through the entire brand building process, so you have everything you need to grow and do more of the work you love.

Here’s what goes into every brand we design.

Story. If business is about connecting with people (and we’ve always found that it is), storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to do it. Your story – your business’ story – is unique and it gives purpose to what you do. During the brand design process, we help you pull the threads of your story together into something that’s relatable, motivating, and irresistible.

Originality. When it comes to building a brand, playing it safe doesn’t work. You have to claim your unique spot in the market – what you do differently, better, instead of. We’ll guide you through fun strategy work and lots of brainstorming to identify what makes your business a true original, and then translate that into a brand that’s distinctive.

Audience. A brand designed for everyone won’t have a lasting impact on anyone. Call it your ideal client, your target audience, your dream customer, or your tribe, it all means the same thing: connecting with the people you serve best. We’ll make sure every facet of your brand identity is designed to reach them, specifically.

Mission. Whether you’re out to improve your industry, design a better product, or change people’s lives, your mission is the Big Picture. It gives context to your brand and meaning to what you do. We’ll help you harness your mission to create a purposeful and impactful brand.

We believe in a better experience for our clients – one that puts you at ease and delivers results you love through an honest, streamlined, and expertly crafted process.

You shouldn’t have to hire a designer, cross your fingers, and hope you like what they deliver.

No one knows your business as well as you do, so collaboration is a big part of our creative process. We invite you to sit at the table with us and explore together what makes your business unique and valuable.

And with reliable check-ins, in-depth creative briefs, and timely proofs, you’ll always know what goals we’re working towards and how we will get there.

Our client experience is as thoughtfully and beautifully designed as each of the brands we work on.

Let’s design a brand that represents you and your business’ mission clearly and authentically.

“I feel more confident now referring clients to my website and giving them information about who we are and what we do because I know it looks good and reflects the kind of business we want to be.”
-Stephanie Vail, Custer Financial Advisors

“When you hire Sonja you don’t just hire someone to do some work for you. You’re hiring a creative partner that can turn your business dream into a reality.”
– Stuart May,

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Grand Rapids, MI


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