Why Flywheel Hosting is a Staple of My Website Design Process

Why Flywheel Hosting is a Staple of My Website Design Process

As a small business owner, I understand the urge to cut expenses wherever possible. It’s always appealing to keep more of the hard-earned cash in our bank accounts instead of shelling it out for yet another business service or product.

But going with the cheapest option doesn’t always save you the money you think it will. In fact, it can often end up costing you a lot more.

Such is the case for website hosting.





I know, website hosting is a pretty boring topic, but it’s incredibly relevant (and important) for any business owner who has a website.

Website hosting is a topic that comes up early in my brand design process with my clients, and I’m often asked to recommend some “affordable” options.

I love sharing resources with my clients, and I’m eager to help them find a solution that fits their business and budget. But I always hesitate to send them links to some of the popular “cheap” hosting companies.

Because, to be cliche, you really do get what you pay for.

I know from experience that, even on a super tight business budget, quality website hosting is worth paying for.

Which is why I’ve made Flywheel Hosting a staple in my website design process. Of course, my clients are free to host their website wherever they wish, and I’m happy to help them navigate the technical tasks of setting up hosting with whichever company they choose. But I’m eager to educate business owners on why spending a little bit more on website hosting is a smart (and profitable) move.

What is Flywheel Hosting?

I’ve been using flywheel hosting for over 2 years now, and it’s been a positive experience the entire time.

It’s not the only hosting company of its caliber, of course, and I’ve used other great hosts like WordPress Engine in the past as well. But Flywheel offers a few unique advantages that make the designer/client experience streamlined and simple that I haven’t found elsewhere (more on that in a minute).

WordPress Specialists

Flywheel is a WordPress dedicated host which means they specialize in, you guessed it, WordPress websites. This results in really fast-loading websites and a support team that really knows how to handle your issues.

Automatic Backups

Websites can “break” fairly easily, and if you don’t have your website backed up, you might have to start from square zero. Whether it’s a rogue plugin, an unfortunate hack, or accidentally deleting an important line of code, if your website goes blank it’s a pretty bad day.

In the past, I’ve used a whole bunch of different methods of backing up websites, all of which were somewhat time consuming.

Flywheel automatically backs up hosted websites every night, and I can access all of my website backups in my user-friendly dashboard. If something happens to my site I can log into my dashboard and restore a previous version of my site in minutes.



The first host I ever used was a $5-a-month-type host, and during the 6ish months I used them, my site was hacked twice. Each time, I spent hours and hours fixing the problem – talking with the support team, trying their generalized suggestions, and in one case, eventually just rebuilding my site from scratch.

This was a huge headache for me, and I build websites all the time. I’m sure it would be even more stressful for most of my clients who have very little desire to spend time on website “stuff”.

Which is why I love Flywheel’s great security. They monitor each site for hackers and malware, and if something ever were to happen, they will fix it for free (no spending two hours on an online chat function trying to explain your issue).

Great customer service

Out of any host I’ve ever used (for my own websites and my client’s), Flywheel has the best customer service. They’re prompt, knowledgeable, and always willing to help with whatever issues you’re having.

How Flywheel Improves My Client Workflow

Flywheel has all the essentials covered – like great speed, automatic backups, security, and customer service – but the final reason I love hosting with them is for the client workflow perks.

Design live before launching

With Flywheel, I can create a fully functional “test site” for my clients on a password-protected, temporary domain name before ever touching their actual website. My clients can view their new website design and test it out while their current site (if they have one) is still up and running for customers and prospects to use.

Free website migration

If a client is using another host for their existing WordPress website, Flywheel will migrate the site for free (and they’re super quick about it, too). Then, we can use Flywheel’s staging site feature to redesign the site before launching it.

Easy account setup

The entire design process takes place before my clients start paying for hosting. Once we’re ready to launch their new website, setting up their account is quick and easy. My client’s don’t have to navigate the process of setting up hosting on their own – I take care of all the technical details for them.

When we are ready to launch, I initiated billing from my Flywheel dashboard, and my client receives an email asking them to set up their account.

They choose the hosting plan they would like to use (or I can choose it for them if they prefer):


They decide how they would like to pay (monthly or yearly):


And add their payment details:

Add payment.jpg

That’s it! They’re hosting account is set up in their name, and their website is ready for launch.

Ready to upgrade your website hosting?

I know that, being a website designer, I think about things like hosting more frequently than most. But even if it’s not top-of-mind for you on a daily basis, having solid website hosting in place can give you peace of mind and improve the efficiency of your business.


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