The Best Free Tools for Creating Great Visuals for Your Business


Having great visual designs for your business has always been important – but I would say that it is more important than ever now, especially if you do the majority of your marketing and business-building activities online.

If you think about your own habits online, you’ll probably notice that you rely heavily on visual information. We skim a lot more than we’d like to admit (because, after all, we want to believe people still read every word we worked so hard to write down on our own blogs and websites).

But because it’s a lot easier and faster to process visual information – like illustrations and photos – we pay more attention to them. In addition to it being easier, visuals are also a lot more fun to pay attention to. Reading a page of text can seem like work while glancing over a pretty infographic feels like entertainment.





All of this to say: creating high-quality visuals for your business is crucial. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or super time-consuming. Below are 3 great (and free) options for designing visuals that will impress your prospects.

#1 – Canva

Canva review

Canva is a great online tool you can use to create everything from social media images to blog post graphics to posters and business stationary.

It is incredibly easy to use (drag and drop style) and the basic version is completely free. While some of the graphics and images in their library are premium (and you have to purchase to use them), they also supply a large library of options for free.

#2 – Pic Monkey


Pic Monkey is another great option, with a bigger focus on photo editing. While you can create illustrative visuals on both Canva and Pic Monkey, Pic Monkey will be the platform that will also allow you to easily edit photos.

You can crop photos, add filters, adjust levels, and include effects. It’s also an easy way to create photos with overlayed text for blog posts or social media.

You can also create solid graphic design items in Pic Monkey with their large library of backgrounds, fonts, and illustrations.

#3 – Adobe Illustrator (free trial)


Even though Adobe Illustrator is NOT a free tool, it’s the best of the best when it comes to designing visuals for your business – and since you can score a free 30-day trial, it’s definitely worth mentioning on this list.

Illustrator will come with a steeper learning curve than free, super-user-friendly tools like Canva and Pic Monkey, but it will open up limitless possibilities when designing visuals for your brand.

The tools inside Adobe Illustrator give you the ability to design icons, graphics, logos, illustrations, and much more. If you’re very serious about improving your visual design game, Illustrator will take you the farthest (by a lot).

You can get your own free trial of Adobe Illustrator here.


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