It’s Time to Take Your Blog Seriously: 6 Entrepreneurs Tell Their Success Story


Blogging: is it really worth it?

I was on the fence about my blog for the longest time.

I wanted a blog that grew my audience and brought in new clients, but I had a hard time staying focused long enough to see a return on my time investment. I would blog in starts and fits – taking long breaks in between my productive spurts. I hadn’t committed. And the real reason behind my commitment issues was the fact that I didn’t buy into the real power a blog can put behind your business.

But once I started investing consistent time and energy into growing my library of content and promoting my posts, the results were more than I expected.





In hopes that I can help light a fire under your blogging ambitions, I’ve brought in a group of  online business owners to share their blogging success stories. Ready to get inspired?

LaurenLauren Hooker, Elle & Company Design

I attribute any amount of success that Elle & Company has experienced to pouring time and effort into my blog. Because I post articles that appeal to potential design clients, I’ve booked my services a year in advance. Because I funnel my social media accounts and my newsletter into my blog by sharing helpful articles and posts, a greater amount of traffic comes to my website month after month, and my e-course sales have increased exponentially. And because I exercise transparency on my blog, I’ve been able to build trust and engagement with my audience.

It seems that blogging is underestimated in the business world; people don’t understand the enormous potential it has to increase engagement, exposure, and sales. (Tweet that!)

But for anyone hoping to create a successful business, I highly recommend pouring time and effort into a high quality, helpful blog.

Learn more about Lauren on her website, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

RachelRachel Green, Printed Ink Designs

Earlier this year, I took a step back and looked at what I was doing with my blog and how I could make it work better for me. I started writing posts with more value and found my niche audience. I also started listening to what my audience wanted by analyzing which posts got the most traffic and interaction and listening to what people where saying in the comments about each post.

Since making these changes, I have noticed triple the blog traffic I was getting before and an increase in new clients and shop sales as well. While there were many other things I did within my business that have played a role in this, I have experienced my greatest business growth since opening in 2012 and I know that blogging has been a big influence on that. Because I have been able to boost my blog, I have grown my audience and created a relationship with my readers and followers which has allowed me to better define my business goals too.

While there were many other things I did within my business that have played a role in this, I have experienced my greatest business growth since opening in 2012 and I know that blogging has been a big influence on that. Because I have been able to boost my blog, I have grown my audience and created a relationship with my readers and followers which has allowed me to better define my business goals too.

Learn more about Rachel on her website, her blog, or on Instagram.

ErikaErika Madden,

Every. single. day. I’m continually astounded at what blogging has achieved for my business. Before my blog, I was limited to freelance work with local clients I met via friends and family — that was OK, but it left me confined and small. I didn’t have any peer business connections and my expansion prospects were pretty much zero.

However, once I started, an entire world unfolded before me. (It sounds so hopelessly romantic, but I’m serious!) Providing valuable and reputation-building content through my blog has led to exciting + lucrative collaborations with other wildly smart business bloggers and the ability to support my monthly income with scalable products rather than time-intensive one-on-one client services.

When people ask me what they can do to get more exposure for their business, I tell them one thing: start a blog and write insanely useful things for people. It will build your authority, help your ideal clients find you, and lead to a myriad of new experiences that you probably never imagined happening!

Learn more about Erika by joining her free, 21 Day Brand Impressions Detox,  on her blog, or on Twitter.

KelseyKelsey Baldwin, Paper & Oats

I waited a long time to start blogging for my business because I wanted to keep it consistent. I didn’t want to post just when I felt like it or had the time, I wanted it to be structured and on a schedule. I launched my blog in May of 2015, and it was a great success right out of the gate. I gave myself a month of lead time in prepping posts and promoting the launch. I built up a lot of buzz on social media, and gave sneak peeks to post graphics and how I was preparing.

On launch day, I was overwhelmed by the response! Of course, it dropped off after launch day (which I expected), but I was still seeing about 4 times as much traffic on my website as I was before. My sales in my shop increased slightly, and my inquiries from potential clients increased a lot.

Now that I was posting new content consistently, my presence on Pinterest was gaining traction, and a lot of traffic was being directed from there. Overall, blogging for my business has been great at getting more eyes on my work, and more clients in my door. It helps me establish myself as an expert in certain fields, and keeps my site updated on a consistent schedule which boosts SEO. Blogging is great for business, but staying consistent with it is key.

Learn more about Kelsey on her website, on Instagram, or Twitter.  And grab The InDesign Field Guide right here.  

JenniferJennifer Reitmeyer, WeddingIQ

After running a wedding DJ business for about 10 years, I found myself itching to express myself creatively in a new forum. I’m naturally a pretty opinionated person – not to mention super passionate about business – and so much was going on in my industry that I felt I needed to address.

I decided to launch a separate blog, WeddingIQ, targeted at wedding business owners. WeddingIQ’s mission has always been to bring bold, brainy commentary on all aspects of operating a wedding-related company: ethics, marketing, operations, mindset, productivity, and other hot-button topics within the industry. I’ve never shied away from controversial posts or been afraid to call out shady behavior, and I like to think I’ve drawn attention to some important issues in my field.

My primary business has definitely benefited from the increased exposure, but more significantly, I’ve been able to develop and strengthen my own personal brand, which has led to lots of new opportunities: coaching, speaking, and the launch of a new blogging business, Firebrand Messaging.

I think the key to my success with WeddingIQ has been building credibility by always presenting myself as authentic, bold, ethical, and unafraid of real talk about real issues. People know what to expect from me, which has built their trust in all my business ventures. I’m so glad I took the step of giving myself a louder “voice” on the web, and would encourage anyone looking to raise their profile to do the same, in whatever fashion suits them.

Learn more about Jennifer on her website + blog. And connect with her on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook.

TaylorTaylor Manning, Taylor Manning Creative

I had been freelancing for two years before I started my own business (and blog). Every time I wanted to show someone why I was the best person to hire for their job, I had to send links to all over the place for them to understand my skills set, personality and style and experience.

Now that I have a blog, the best place to send someone to show them my style of writing and design is my blog!

Even as a beginner having something out there that was completely mine, nailed me contracts and impressed everyone I sent to it as a portfolio piece.

Learn more about Taylor on her blog or visit her on Twitter.

Now it’s your turn. Make one small step today to start accelerating your blog. Maybe it’s drafting a new posting schedule, brainstorming a list of really useful topics to blog about, or promoting your published posts in new places. For some fun accountability, post a link to your blog in the comments below along with the one step you are going to take toward a more profitable, successful blog.


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