B R A N D  O V E R V I E W

Hot Pepper Catering Co is a portfolio brand I designed as a down-to-earth, rustic, but spunky catering company. They’re passionate about healthy, flavorful food and bringing people together around delicious meals. They believe food can create happiness and opportunities for friendship.

T A R G E T  M A R K E T

Specializing in rustic, delicious dishes for family events and laid-back occasions looking for great food and great conversation. Their ideal client is someone who is planning an event with the primary goal of enjoying the company of the guests and creating great memories – layering in event details to make the time more memorable, but not stressing the little things for the sake of perfection.

S T R A T E G Y  &  S K E T C H I N G


The brainstorming and sketching phase was a lot of fun for the Hot Pepper Catering Co., as we wanted to utilize a hand-drawn illustration in the logo. We also wanted to make sure the brand reflected the idea of “cooking from scratch”, so we focused on creating a concept that felt easy, timeless, and original.

B R A N D  C O L O R S

We wanted to reflect the earthy, friendly, and spicy attributes of the brand by incorporating rich red and orange tones, balanced with a deep slate blue and neutral grey. The color palette is used in balance with lots of open white space and beautiful natural light food photography.


We wanted to bring a bit of that friendly, rustic feel into the logos with a hand drawn illustration. The pepper illustration is paired with a classic serif font that feels both timeless and approachable. The primary logo is translated into a circular abbreviated logo for easy use on social media and collateral designs.

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