B R A N D  O V E R V I E W

Rebecca Ross Consulting is a portfolio brand I designed dedicated to helping small businesses energize their teams, implement productivity-boosting systems, and scale their efforts. With an MBA and formal training in the corporate world, Rebecca wants to create a consulting firm that is a mixture of serious, bold, modern, and innovative.

T A R G E T  M A R K E T

Rebecca Ross consulting works with small businesses and startups with teams of 3 or more employees or partners. She works closely with businesses that are small in numbers, but big in ambition. The clients she takes on have businesses that can be scaled and improved by the implementation of systems, and who have revenue goals of 7 figures within the next several years.

S T R A T E G Y  &  S K E T C H I N G


With brand adjectives like bold, serious, modern, and innovative, we had a clear visual direction right from the start. After Rebecca completed the branding questionnaire, we took her inspiration and ideas and refined them through strategy meetings, sketching, and building out digital concepts. We decided on a simple but bold typography-based logo direction with a clean, open overall brand aesthetic.

B R A N D  C O L O R S

We wanted to reflect the earthy, friendly, and spicy attributes of the brand by incorporating rich red and orange tones, balanced with a deep slate blue and neutral grey. The color palette is used in balance with lots of open white space and beautiful natural light food photography.


We wanted to bring a bit of that friendly, rustic feel into the logos with a hand drawn illustration. The pepper illustration is paired with a classic serif font that feels both timeless and approachable. The primary logo is translated into a circular abbreviated logo for easy use on social media and collateral designs.

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