Strong brand identities are built on

strategy and story.


We build brands that help businesses grow.


We’re not just “logo designers” and “website builders” – we thoughtfully and strategically craft cohesive brand identities that tell your story and put momentum behind your business. Our branding projects equip you with a clear brand strategy, a cohesive visual brand identity, an effective web presence, and consistent brand messaging.

Here’s what goes into every brand we design.

Story. If business is about connecting with people (and we’ve always found that it is), storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to do it. Your story – your business’ story – is unique and it gives purpose to what you do. During the brand design process, we help you pull the threads of your story together into something that’s relatable, motivating, and irresistible.

Originality. When it comes to building a brand, playing it safe doesn’t work. You have to claim your unique spot in the market – what you do differently, better, instead of. We’ll guide you through fun strategy work and lots of brainstorming to identify what makes your business a true original, and then translate that into a brand that’s distinctive.

Audience. A brand designed for everyone won’t have a lasting impact on anyone. Call it your ideal client, your target audience, your dream customer, or your tribe, it all means the same thing: connecting with the people you serve best. We’ll make sure every facet of your brand identity is designed to reach them, specifically.

Mission. Whether you’re out to improve your industry, design a better product, or change people’s lives, your mission is the Big Picture. It gives context to your brand and meaning to what you do. We’ll help you harness your mission to create a purposeful and impactful brand.

Build Your Perfect Branding Package

One customizable package.  One simple process.
Everything you need to establish your brand and start doing more of the work you love.

Step #1 – The Essentials

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity Design + Website

All Jobson Studios branding projects start with our base package: Brand Strategy + Brand Identity Design + Website Design.

Includes: brand research & collaborative brand strategy work, logo design, color palette & typeface selection, social media styling, 3 marketing/brand collateral designs, custom website design & development, and comprehensive brand style guide.


Starting at $3,500 | 6 Weeks

Step #2 – Customize

Choose from our additional brand-building services to create a package that fits your needs.


Our team of expert copywriters will develop website content and marketing copy that reinforces your brand identity and connects with your prospects in a way that keeps them reading (and leaves them ready to buy).

Starting at $250/page

Brand Photography

Stunning photography is one of the quickest ways to capture your audience’s attention. It’s visual storytelling – it adds depth to your brand and sophistication to your website, marketing materials, and brand collateral.

Starting at $800

Marketing Designs

Add advanced custom marketing pieces to your client workflow. We can help you design service catalogs, full client welcome kits, eBooks, long-form sales pages, presentations slides, online course materials, and more.

Custom Quote

Ready to get started?

Our easeful & impactful creative process.

Hiring a designer shouldn’t feel stressful.

We believe in a better experience for our clients, so we’ve crafted our creative process with as much care and planning as each of our brands.

The welcome

Branding your business is a big undertaking, so we’ll set you up with everything you need to feel confident and inspired right from the start.

You’ll receive a welcome kit shortly after booking your project. Your Welcome Kit will include an overview of what to expect during your project, details on staying in touch and navigating proofs and revisions, and instructions on how to complete your branding prep-work.

Inside your welcome package, you’ll also find your Brand Sketchbook, a questionnaire-slash-journal that you will use to brainstorm all the essential details we’ll use to build your new brand identity.

The collaboration

We love to collaborate with our clients. In fact, we see it as an essential part of the branding process (after all, no one knows your business as well as you do).

So instead of a vague process and spotty communication, we’ll work closely together right from the start.

We’re transparent and open about everything we do, and we’ll sit down with you, understand your plans, and brainstorm a strategy together.

Some of our biggest collaboration to-do’s will happen in the first phase of your project when we help you complete your branding prep-work and meet for our strategy session.

The work

Every project starts in analog, with research, note-scribbling, sketching, and brainstorming. We spend time exploring the best visual solutions for your brand before we fire up our computers and get to work bringing your new brand identity concept to life.

Your brand identity concept goes through multiple rounds of refinement before we finally present it to you in full context, so you can see how your brand elements will function and interact.

We don’t put a limit on revisions (we want you to be entirely satisfied with your designs), so we’ll work with you on refinement if any is necessary. We’ll review your brand strategy work and discuss how changes will serve your brand’s audience, mission, and story.

The launch

After revisions are complete and designs are finalized, we’ll work with you to launch your new brand identity (alongside your new website, copy, and photography, if those were included in your project).

You’ll receive print-ready, web-ready, and source files for all of your designs, a detailed brand style guide, and advice on how to promote and make the most of your new brand launch.

If we worked with you to build your website, we’ll schedule your website training to show you how to maintain and update your new site.

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Grand Rapids, MI


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