5 Benefits You Can Expect After Strategically Branding Your Business

by | Dec 14, 2017


I mention this often, but it’s worth repeating: no matter what, if you’re in business (i.e you’ve sold or are trying to sell something), you do have a brand.


It might not be an intentional one, and it might even be a really bad one, but it’s there.


That’s because a brand isn’t a logo, a website, a color scheme, or a business card. It’s not a mission statement or a business plan.


Your brand is the entire experience surrounding your business – it’s the perception that exists in your customer’s mind.


Your brand is actually rooted in emotion – not design – and it’s about the way people feel about your business.


Here’s why this is important: people are deciding what they think about your business whether you’ve purposefully branded it or not. The only way to keep your brand from stalling your business growth is to strategically decide how you want your brand to be perceived and figuring out ways to reinforce that message.


That’s where the strategic branding process comes in. By mapping out the strategy behind your brand and the experience you want your customers to have when interacting with your brand, you’re able to take control of the message.


Putting in the work to brand your business this way (whether you hire a pro or DIY) offers great benefits – here are my top 7.



1 – Branding Your Business Will Make Consistency a Breeze


Consistency is a must. A great brand is one an audience trusts and recognizes easily, which happens through repetition and showing up in a predictable way over and over again.


This doesn’t mean your brand needs to be boring and you can’t try new things. But once you lay out the strategy behind your brand and define your look and feel, your voice, and your message, you’ll be able to pull a common thread through everything you do, creating consistency. And consistency builds trust.



2 – Branding Your Business Will Allow You to Charge Higher Prices


If you’re offering high-end products or services but your brand feels cheap or inconsistent, it’s hard to get people to buy in. Your audience’s perception of your business (which is your brand) won’t line up with the prices you want to charge.


Strategically brand your business to communicate the right message and create the right experience for your customers – one that builds credibility, trust, and a perception of value – and charging higher prices becomes natural.



3 – Branding Your Business Will Give You Confidence


One thing I hear over and over again after a branding project is: “I’m so excited to share my business with people now – I feel so confident in what I’m putting out there.”


“Confidence” might not get measured as ROI, but it’s an important part of the process. If you feel confident in your business and how you’re presenting it to people, you’ll market it more effectively and enthusiastically.



4 – Branding Your Business Helps You Get Noticed In a Crowded Industry


I like the idea of a rising tide lifting all boats and #communityovercompetition. I think there are enough customers and opportunities to go around.


But you DO have competition in terms of getting your potential customer’s attention. It’s crowded and noisy – especially for online-based businesses – and you have to find a way to get noticed by the people you want to work with.


A strategically branded business will give you the consistency, the originality, and the precision you need to hold attention and build an audience.



5 – Branding Your Business Helps You Attract More Ideal Clients


And there’s more: not only does your brand help you stand apart from your competition and get people’s attention, it will help you get the right people’s attention.


AKA, your ideal client – the people you serve best.



6 – Branding Your Business Helps You Get More Referrals


Part of the branding process is finding ways to clearly articulate what you do, who you do it for, and why people should care.

And by clear I mean in really, really great detail.

The ability to be this specific about your brand has a whole bunch of benefits, and one of them is a much better shot at getting referrals (and since word of mouth and referrals can be some of the best sources of new clients, this is a pretty exciting benefit).

When people can easily recall what was unique about your business, what specific thing (or things) you offered, and what type of person you worked with, it becomes fun and natural to make a connection when the opportunity comes up.



7 – Branding Your Business Helps You Create Better Content


Without a clear brand strategy, it’s hard to come up with content to share. And it’s hard to know if the content we are putting out there is original and relevant enough to stand out in the constant onslaught of social media updates and blog posts.


But when you have that clear brand strategy, you know exactly who you’re talking to. You know exactly what problems they have that you’re trying to help them solve. You know what they care about and what they want to hear about. Having a brand strategy also means that you know how your brand communicates – what it sounds like and what it looks like. Combine that with a detailed knowledge of who your audience is, and it’s easy to come up with valuable, relevant things to share.



It’s Never To Early (Or Too Late) To Get Strategic with Your Brand


If your business is brand new and your marketing budget is the same thing as your grocery budget, or your business is older but never given the branding attention it needs, you still have options if you want to be purposeful about the brand you’re building.


It costs you $0 and a few hours of your time to sit down and map out your business strategy (you can even grab my free Brand Planner to walk you through the process step by step).


Once you have a strategy in place, you can make use of inexpensive DIY options for bringing your brand to life until you have the budget to hire it out (like Squarespace for a clean, professional looking website and Instagram for a great way to share on-brand visual content with your growing audience).



Ready? Grab the Brand Planner Workbook below and schedule a spot on your calendar to rethink your brand.

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