5 Ways to Grow Your Email List Using Your Website

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Marketing

As a service-based business, the primary goal of your website is to help you bring in qualified leads and book clients. In order to connect with prospects who are ready to hire you now, your primary call to action will be something like “request a free proposal”, “schedule an appointment”, “start a free trial”, or “make a reservation”.


But what about all those people who will eventually want and need your services, but aren’t ready to purchase yet?


A strategic business will have a backup plan for everyone who lands on their website but doesn’t hit the “hire us” button: they have an email list to collect leads and follow up with them over time.

An email list is an incredibly valuable tool in your sales funnel. By offering a free “lead magnet” (e.g something that delivers helpful, valuable information that your prospects really want to know), you can connect with people in all phases of the buyer’s journey.


Some of these leads might never purchase from you, but some might be ready next year and some might be ready next week. By popping up in their inbox with useful and interesting stuff over time, you’ll build a relationship and establish trust so that when the time is right for them, they’ll easily become a client.


This post will give you 5 ways you can promote your email list on your website so you can stop letting potential clients slip through the cracks just because they aren’t ready to hire you yet.



Your Home Page


While not everyone will enter your website via the homepage, it’s still an important landing page that acts as a “welcome mat” for visitors. It’s also a great place to feature your email list opt-in form.

Your email opt-in shouldn’t overshadow your primary call to action (e.g “hire me”) but do make sure it’s clear and bold.


When designing websites, I generally like adding an email list opt-in section about halfway down the homepage. It comes after you establish the value proposition of your service and paint a picture of what success could look like for your client.


You’ve been inviting them to take your primary call to action (e.g “hire me”) throughout the page. If they’re still scrolling (showing interest in what you offer!) but aren’t ready to hire you, your email list (and the free lead magnet you offer then in exchange for joining your email list) will be an appealing alternative for them.


Here’s an example of an email list opt-in section on the homepage of storybrand.com:

Your Website’s Footer


Your email list opt-in shouldn’t only live in the footer of your website (I see this all the time!)


However, it is a great place to offer an additional opportunity for someone to sign up for your list, and your footer appears on every page of your website, making it easy for your email list to be on every page as well.


Here’s a great example of an email list opt-in in the footer area of a website:

In blog posts


Are you giving your blog post readers a call to action? If not, your email list is the perfect “next step” for someone who loves an article you published on your blog.


I’m a fan of embedding email opt-in forms (with an appropriate lead magnet to give people a reason to opt-in, of course!) right in the content of your blog post. Here’s a great example:


Embedding an email opt-in within the content of your blog posts creates a seamless experience for your readers. And if you do a good job of connecting the lead magnet with the topic of your blog post, you know that viewers will already have a high level of interest in signing up.


Another great place to put your email list op-int is at the very end of your blog post, as your final call to action.



Your About Page


Your About Page is about the problems your ideal clients face and the solution you provide to them – it’s not so much about your bio or company’s history (we covered the details on how to write an effective About Page here).


While people are viewing your About Page, learning more about how you can help them overcome a challenge they’re facing, you have a great opportunity to offer your lead magnet (and sign them up for your email list) to start the sales conversation with them.



On its own landing page


Your email list (and more specifically, each individual lead magnet you offer, if you have more than one) should live on its own landing page.


This is useful for promoting your lead magnet directly – on social media, via paid ads, during guest posting or PR opportunities, in your email signature, etc.


Your lead magnet landing page should ONLY talk about your lead magnet, and in most cases, it should be fairly simple without a ton of copy. The only purpose of this landing page should be to communicate the value of your lead magnet and give people an easy way to sign up (an opt-in form synced with your Email Service Provider.)


Tip: for the most part, your landing page shouldn’t include a header or footer section – no navigation links leading to other pages or social media buttons leading off of your website. The point of a landing page is to focus someone’s attention on a very specific Call to Action, and not provide other distracting options.


Here’s an example of a lead magnet landing page:

Driving traffic to a website that isn’t optimized to turn those visitors into leads (whether they’re ready to buy today or not) is like pouring water into a leaky bucket. Use these 5 strategies to make sure you’re giving your visitors a secondary call to action they can take that meets them where they’re at right now

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