7 Reasons You Should Build Your Business Website with Divi

by | Sep 30, 2019

I’m not an exclusive fan of just one website builder. Website builders are getting so good these days, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Far more important than what you build your website with is the strategy behind your website. Who are your visitors and what do they want? Are you providing clear, strong Calls to Action? Is your user experience easy and helpful? Etcetera.


Answering these questions will set you up for success – regardless of the platform you ultimately use to bring your website to life online.


BUT…If I had to give a recommendation on what website builder to use, I would say build a WordPress website using Divi.



I use Divi for my own websites and at least 85% of my client’s websites (with Squarespace making up the rest). While I believe with the right strategy, you can create an effective website using any high-quality website builder, Divi always comes out ahead for the perfect combination of ease of use + design flexibility.


In this post, I’ll walk you through my 7 top reasons for loving the Divi theme for building your business website.



One: Divi accommodates any level of experience


Are you a small business owner completely new to the website-building game? No problem – Divi makes it easy to build beautiful, functional websites without ever looking at code. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build layouts from a visual perspective.


At the same time, Divi is flexible enough to allow expert designers to create completely unique website designs – so if you hire a pro to help you (or improve your own website design skills) you’ll have all the tools you need to up your website game.



Two: Build any kind of website you need


WordPress + Divi makes it easy to integrate 3rd party apps and plugins, allowing you to build an incredibly functional website (and build a more complex website over time as your business grows). Want to connect your client scheduling tool? No problem. Need to create a membership portal? There’s a plugin for that. Want to build an ecommerce store or accept payments from your website? You can do that, too.


Because of this, you can build any kind of website your business requires: informational, ecommerce, membership, etc.


Even if you don’t need any fancy functionality on your website right now, that might change as your business grows. With a Divi website, you can be confident that your website can be easily updated as your needs change.



Three: your website can grow with your business


Some website builders are amazing for new business owners who need to get an inexpensive website up fast so they can start testing their ideas and working with their first clients.


But what happens when your business starts to grow and you find you need more flexibility in the design, layout, and functionality of your website?


If your website builder doesn’t support the features you need, you’ll be facing the task of migrating your website to a more robust platform, which can be a time consuming and costly experience.


When you build your website with Divi, you can start out as simply as you want. Then, as your business grows, you can learn more advanced design and development skills or hire a professional designer to bring your website up to speed – without having to start over from scratch.



Four: create a well-branded website


Brand consistency is incredibly important – and your website is one of your biggest opportunities to fully immerse your audience in your brand.


Because of its design flexibility, a Divi website allows you to make sure every corner of your website is a consistent and engaging reflection of your brand. Set consistent color, font, and image styles, control visual accents, use custom brand patterns or icons, build unique layouts that reflect your brand’s style, and create a website that is branded down to the very last detail. You won’t have to settle for any “out of the box” elements that just don’t fit the look and feel of your business.



Five: there’s always a tutorial


DIY-ing your own anything for business is typically a lot of work, and learning to build your own website is no exception. However, Divi’s large community of users means there are tons of resources to help make the processes easier on yourself.


If you’re stuck on something Divi-related or want to learn how to bring a specific design idea to life on your website, chances are there’s a great tutorial waiting for you on the other side of a Google search.


There are plenty of great blogs that offer up step-by-step lessons on how to accomplish advanced customizations to make your website even more impressive (some of my favorites are Divi Soup and Quiroz).



Six: amazing mobile optimization


Mobile “friendly” websites and mobile responsive websites are not the same things (we talked about why in this post about building a mobile responsive website).


Divi has a bunch of things going for it when it comes to mobile optimization: it’s pretty mobile responsive right out of the box, and the page builder gives you the ability to easily create sections and full layouts specifically for mobile devices.


I love this feature. Some design ideas look amazing on a laptop or desktop screen but just aren’t practical for a small phone screen. Instead of having to find a compromise that works on every screen size, you can take direct control of what people see on a desktop versus a mobile device. This means that your website doesn’t just “work” on mobile – the website experience can be completely optimized for users of small screens.



Seven: build your Divi library to speed up your design process


Divi makes it simple to save full-page layouts or specific layout sections and use them over and over again throughout your website. This will save you so much time. Plus, Divi comes packed with a bunch of ready-to-go page layouts that you can use as a jumping-off point if you need some inspiration (or feel lost when starting with a completely blank page!)


I use this feature all the time when building websites that have multiple pages with similar layouts (like custom image galleries or portfolio pages) and I also use it to build custom sections that I use sitewide. For example, I love building custom headers and footers (the logo + navigation area at the top of the website, and the navigation area at the bottom of the site) instead of using Divi’s default settings. Using the page builder, you can easily put together your own header section, save it to your Divi library, and use it across your whole site (and with the upcoming Divi 4.0 release, custom headers and footers will be even easier to create).



Are you considering building your website with Divi?


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