I'm Sonja Jobson - owner, creative director, and designer here at Jobson Studios.

What we do

We’re a branding agency for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We focus on the big picture to help you create a brand that fuels growth and allows you to build a company that meets your specific goals. We offer this through a streamlined process that includes brand strategy, identity design, website development, copywriting, photography, and implementation planning.

why we do it

We believe business can be a powerful platform for making good things happen in the world. We come to work every day because we love helping people get their ideas out into the world and build creative, beneficial, and socially responsible businesses.

Where we Are

Jobson Studios is based in Grand Rapids, MI. We love our city and take the opportunity to work with local businesses and invest in our community whenever we can. We also regularly team up with brands across the globe.

who we work with

Our process is built specifically for solo-entrepreneurs or business owners with a small team. We work with people locally and across the globe and intentionally partner with businesses in a wide range of industries to help us build creative, unexpected brands that stand out.

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