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I’m sonja jobson,

owner + creative director here at Jobson Studios.

We’re a branding and marketing studio dedicated to small businesses: how they work, how they grow, and how they can make a big + positive impact on the lives of those who run them and on the communities around them.

Our goal was to build an agency that was structured with you –  the small business owner – in mind: no loose ends, a transparent and collaborative process, and no added stress to your already full schedule.

Who we work with

Our studio serves small business owners and entrepreneurs that run primarily service-based companies (though a lot of our clients sell digital products, too).

We work with clients all over the globe + local businesses (hey, Grand Rapids!).

Why We Do It

We believe business can be a powerful platform for making good things happen in the world. We come to work every day because we love helping people get their ideas out into the world and build creative, beneficial, and socially responsible businesses.

Where we are

Jobson Studios is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We love our city and take the opportunity to work with local businesses and invest in our community whenever we can. We also regularly team up with brands across the globe.

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