There’s a common practice in the brand design industry that goes something like this:   The designer brainstorms dozens of logo concepts, then submits a handful of them to the client.   The client gets saddled with the task of choosing the best one for their business and the project moves forward with that logo […]

Logos get most of the attention in branding.   I get it – something about coming up with and adopting a new logo is just really fun.   But from a strategic point of view, your logo might not be as important as you think it is (at least not without the right support).   […]

I mention this often, but it’s worth repeating: no matter what, if you’re in business (i.e you’ve sold or are trying to sell something), you do have a brand.   It might not be an intentional one, and it might even be a really bad one, but it’s there.   That’s because a brand isn’t […]

Raise your hand if you feel like “connecting” with your readers through your copy is more a byproduct of luck than anything deliberate. You’re trying hard to write copy that your visitors will want to read (and want to act on), but what tumbles out onto the page is hit or miss. And even if […]

The visual parts of a brand (looking at you, logo) are usually what comes to mind when it’s time to think about branding or rebranding a business.   But a logo is not a brand – not by a long shot.   Think of your brand like an iceberg. Over 90% of an iceberg’s mass […]

How do you know when it’s time to reband your business?   I have to admit – as a graphic designer, I’m tempted to “update” the brand & website design for Jobson Studios all the time. I’ll learn a new technique or read an inspiring design blog and I’m suddenly eager to give my business […]