3 Things that Will Instantly Boost Lead Generation on Your Website

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Websites

Is your website sending you enough leads?


Your website shouldn’t just be an (expensive) online brochure. It can be one of your best, automated sales tools. 


In this post, I’ll share 3 simple tweaks that can have a dramatic impact on how many leads your website captures.


How to Get More Leads from Your Website


1 – Place a bold CTA Button in the top right-hand corner


There are a few key places on your website that are high-value real estate.


One of these places is the very top, right-hand corner of your site and a clear, bold Call to Action button should be living there.


When we land on a website, our eyes naturally follow a ‘z’ shaped pattern. 


First, we glance across the top of the screen from left to right. On most websites, we’ll see a company logo in the top left corner and the navigation menu on the right.


Here’s the twist: get rid of your navigation menu and put a single, clear Call to Action button in its place, like this:


You probably have an objection at this point. If you get rid of that navigation menu, how are people going to get around your site? How are they going to visit your About page? Or your Services page? Or find your social media links?


I understand the concern – almost everyone feels some resistance to this change.


 But encouraging people to skip around your website from page to page without a clear plan hurts your chances of converting that visitor into a lead. 


You’re making them work harder to find and digest the information they need to make a decision about taking you up on what you’re offering.


Instead, your website’s main landing page (your Home page) should act as a sales page with all of the essential information a visitor needs to take action on your primary offer.


And if they’re not ready to take action and buy your product or service, you can offer them a free lead magnet in exchange for their email so you can stay in touch. 


You can (and in most cases should) include links to more information on your company in the website’s footer so people who want to poke around more, can.


These footer links can take people to those other pages you removed from the navigation menu at the top of your site: your About page, Contact Page, etc.


2 – Delete half of the text on your website


The second easiest thing you can do to boost conversions on your website is to delete about half of the content currently on there.


Of course, I haven’t seen your website, so “half the content” could be an exaggeration. But most websites cram way too much info onto the page, and it only hurts your chances of delivering a helpful experience for your visitor (and converting them into a lead).


So how can you tell if you have too much information on each page of your website?


Here’s an easy test: does everything on the page directly support one specific goal?


Each page on your website should have just ONE primary goal. For example, your main landing page (your home page) should act as a sales page, and its goal is to convert a new visitor into a lead. 


What is that one first step someone has to take to become a lead? It might be setting up an appointment, filling out a form, or requesting a proposal.


Every single bit of information on your home page should be helping your visitor choose to take that action or not.


So if your homepage has a section with recent blog posts, or an events calendar, or a social media feed, that page isn’t as effective as it could be. You’re asking people to give their attention to and make decisions about things that won’t directly lead them to your main goal.


The other part of the clutter problem isn’t just irrelevant information. It’s also about longwinded information.


Tighten up your copy. Use simple, straightforward language. If you can say it in fewer words, do it.


You want your website content to be easily scannable – which means strong headlines, bullet points, and short blurbs of copy, not long blocks of text.




3 – Have a 2-3 step process for buying your thing


And finally, the third thing you can do right now to increase conversions on your website is to give people a crazy-simple plan to follow in order to start working with you.


It might seem obvious to you what people should do next, but to people considering your services, it’s not obvious. 


Also, it feels risky. Reaching out to you about your services takes effort, and if we invest time and money with you, we could lose out. You might not deliver on your promise. We might lose money. We might look foolish for investing in something that didn’t pay off. There’s all sorts of resistance that someone has to move through before taking the leap towards working with you.


Other elements – like testimonials and case studies for example – help alleviate some of that concern. But that first step is still often hard to take.


Here’s the good news: you can dramatically reduce that resistance and fear of the unknown by laying out an easy plan. 


It might be as simple as this:


Step One – Call our office to schedule an appointment

Step Two – Fill out your new patient forms online

Step Three – Enjoy world-class healthcare


It can be that simple. A plan provides confidence and clarity. Now I know exactly what to expect, and it makes it easier for me to get started.


If you’re leaving it up to your potential clients to figure out how to start working with you, go put a clear, easy plan on your website right now.


Your next move:


Head over to your website and make these 3 easy tweaks. 


First, replace your main navigation menu (the one at the top of your website) with a big, bold Call to Action button that asks people to take the first step in your sales process (e.g schedule an appointment, request a quote, visit your store, etc.) 


Second, scan your pages for any content that doesn’t directly support that page’s one main goal, then remove that extra content. 


And third, put a clear plan (with just 2-4 easy steps) on your website to tell people how to get started working with you.


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