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Brand Mission

Angela Korte wanted to build a brand that reflected her passion for creating a healthy, strong, and financially-fit life – and helping others do the same. Her mission is to help build fitness, nutrition, and life-changing results into people’s lives in a way that works for them.

Target Audience

Driven, health-conscious, self-motivated women and men who desire a healthy, active lifestyle; value community; and have a desire to serve others.

Brand Strategy

Based on the brand discovery work we did at the beginning of our project, I created a Brand Book outlining Angela’s brand mission, audience, positioning, look & feel, messaging, and more. This Brand Book served as a foundation while developing the brand identity, marketing, and collateral, and can also serve as a guide for all future marketing and business decisions for her brand.

Logo Exploration

Since we were building a personal brand that needed to grow with Angela’s business as she launched new fitness, nutrition, and financial-wellness programs and offers – while keeping everything streamlined – a monogram mark made perfect sense.

The logo mark is simple and clean to reflect Angela’s brand keywords of strong, simple solutions, and first-class. The letterforms are lower case and rounded to create a friendly appearance that reflects her keywords of fun, inspiring, and convenient. After developing the primary logo, I created an alternate logo layout to fit well for applications like social media, and a sub mark that can be used as an accent in brand collateral.

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