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Brand Strategy

Based on the brand strategy work we did at the beginning of our project, I created a Brand Book outlining the Herb Seed Spice brand mission, audience, positioning, look & feel, messaging, and more. This Brand Book served as a foundation while developing the brand identity, marketing, and collateral, and can also serve as a guide for future marketing and business decisions.

Brand Mission

Healthful food can lead to wellness, nourishment, and change, and good nutrition can act as preventative health care.

Herb Seed Spice believes in eating towards good health.

Target Audience

Moms inspired to invest in healthy choices for their families, and who desire to set a healthful foundation for their children from a young age by feeding them nutrient-dense foods.

Women who want to improve their health and help treat health conditions through nutrition, instead of relying entirely on medication.

Logo Exploration

We knew we wanted to focus on fun, bold typography for the Herb Seed Spice logo, so I explored dozens of typeface and hand-lettered options before we settled on the customized font combination you’ll see below in the final logos.

Primary Logo

Alternate Logo

Brand Colors

Brand Illustrations

Business Card Design

Website Design

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