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Brand Mission

Transforming homes into peaceful, joy-filled, and simplified spaces that embrace life’s most meaningful moments.

The Julie Kay Design process makes it easy for clients to make selections for the home an easy, confident, and stress-free way.

After working with Julie Kay Design, clients and students will understand how their surroundings impact them, so they can make choices that they can feel truly content with.

Clients and students end up with a home that is a source of peace and joy – free from clutter and distractions.

Target Audience

Ideal audience consists of homeowners who are remodeling their home or home buyers who are building a new home.

Your ideal client resonates with a clean, classic, and timless approach to design and values a simplified life.

He or she desires a thoughfully designed home that feel
harmonious, but is struggeling with all the choices that come along with the task.

They are seeking a guide who will help them make sense of the process, ease the stress, and ensure they end up with a house they feel at home in.

Brand Photography

We outlined a photography direction that would capture the Julie Kay Design brand story and then facilitated a photo shoot to capture a library of 30+ custom brand images for her website, collateral, and marketing.

Website Design

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