The Brand & Website Design Process: An Inside Look at Our Updated Packages

Oct 2, 2018

written by sonja jobson

We’re continually evaluating and improving on our branding and website development process.

Our results-focused approach to helping business owners craft a brand and website that will help their business grow is looking better than ever for 2019 (and bonus! It’s already available for the last quarter of 2018).

In this post, I’ll dive into all the details of our updated process + packages and offer a transparent look at exactly how we work with clients – including the essential strategy and collaboration elements we’ve always relied on.

3 core packages


While all of our client work is highly custom, we offer just a few select packages to help streamline our process and make sure every client gets the best experience possible. We’ve built these packages based on our experience of what needs to be included in order to see great results.


Our signature package is the full experience: results-focused strategy + planning, brand identity design, conversion copywriting, website design + development, and marketing collateral.


This package combines all of our business-boosting services into one streamlined process. We love working with companies to completely refresh (or reimagine) their brand from mission statement to logo to custom website (plus a lot of amazing details in between).


We also offer two smaller packages: website design and development (if you already have your branding nailed down) and brand development (if you’ll be building your own website or working with another developer). These packages are comprised of select phases from our complete brand & web package.



the complete brand & web design experience


The rest of this post will outline our design process from start to finish for our complete brand & web development package (our smaller brand-only and web-only packages are comprised of select phases from our complete package).


efficient project timeline


We know that when you’ve made the decision to rebrand your business and rebuild your website, you’re eager to get it done soon. We’ve designed an efficient 8-week project timeline that allows us to dig deep into your goals and vision for your business, and build out all the assets you’ll need to get it out into the world in an original and profitable way.


Our 8-week timeline works for a few reasons:

1 – A compressed timeline means we can get laser-focused on your project and dive right in – instead of dragging out research, collaboration, design, and development work over a long period of time.


2 – We make sure our clients are committed to to the timeline and will make themselves available for pre-scheduled communication and revision feedback. (We provide detailed information about when and for how long you’ll need to be available to keep the project moving on schedule. The process requires commitment, but it’s built to save you time and help you get better results in the long run).


3 – And of course, a shorter timeline means you can launch sooner and move toward your business goals quicker!



strategic client prep-work


Once a new project is scheduled on our calendar, we set our client up right away with their project pre-work.


The prep-work material is incredibly important. The highlight of this phase is the branding workbook. It’s full of helpful prompts and important questions that will help you clarify your goals, define your brand’s mission, get laser-focused on your ideal type of client, and more.


Also included in this phase is a visual brainstorm exercise to help you collect and communicate your visual style preferences for your brand and website.



the strategy meeting


We’ll hold a strategy session just before your project kicks off. During this meeting, we’ll review your workbook and visual brainstorm board, go over your results-focused website plan and core brand messaging swipe-file (that we will have prepared for you), and confirm project dates, deadlines, and milestones.

You’ll walk away from this meeting knowing exactly what to expect over the next 8 weeks and with a clear picture of how your brand will take shape.



core brand messaging swipe file


At the start of your project, the Jobson Studios team will prepare your Core Brand Messaging Swipe-File. This document is a new feature of our brand development package, and we’re pretty excited about it.


It will summarize several central statements for your brand, including your mission statement, your ideal client, your ideal client’s biggest problems, how you solve those problems, and what sets you apart from others in your industry.


The swipe file will act as a focal point for your brand throughout our project – since it clarifies many of the key factors of your brand’s foundation – and it also serves YOU in the long run by giving you the perfect words to draw inspiration from when talking with prospects or writing about your business. (Goodbye writer’s block + awkward “elevator pitches”!)


We deliver and review this document with you during our strategy meeting before your project kicks off, and revisions will be made if necessary.



brand identity design


Next, we’ll design your logo suite (primary, alternate layout, and abbreviated/submark) color palette, font selection, and brand icons/patterns.


During this phase, you can sit back and relax. We’ll be busy researching, gathering inspiration, sketching, and designing. We mock up, critique, and revise dozens of potential brand identity concepts and push only the very strongest options through to the final round.


When your new brand identity is ready for review, we’ll provide you with an in-depth brand mockup so you can see how all the elements work together and can visualize them in action.


We also provide written explanations on our design decisions so you know how the concepts align with your goals and your target audience.



marketing collateral designs


With the brand identity elements completed, we’ll design the 3 marketing collateral pieces that come with your project.


I love that we include marketing collateral items as a default in our packages, because it’s a great way to bake brand consistency into your business activities and elevate the experience you build for your prospects and clients.


There’s a wide variety of marketing collateral to choose from, and we’ve gotten pretty creative with some of our past clients. Business cards are always a popular choice (especially if you’re networking and run a more locally-focused company). We’ve also designed pricing guides, service catalogs, lead magnet PDFs, packaging, custom stickers, thank you notecards, stationery, notebook covers, tshirts, magnets, and more.


Inside the branding workbook, there’s a section to list out your marketing collateral choices. But, for client’s who aren’t sure what to choose, we offer help by reviewing your marketing strategy (and opportunities) and suggesting pieces that could support your business.



social media suite


In addition to the marketing collateral, we also design a full social media suite for our clients. Social media is a major component of any online marketing plan, and having well-branded profiles can help set your business apart.


During this phase, we design branded social media cover photos and profile images, as well as bonus items like post templates and Instagram story templates where applicable.



brand photography


Custom brand photography is an optional add-on that can really elevate your brand materials and website. We partner with talented local photographers and host a photoshoot to capture brand story images that can be used on your website, marketing collateral, and in your social media marketing.


These images are high-quality, on-brand, and strategically captured to help tell your brand story and activate your ideal client’s imagination. We’ll expertly coordinate the shoot to make sure we capture your brand’s style, story, and color scheme.



results-focused website planning


Next, we move into the website design and development phase. At the start of a project, we completed website strategy alongside your brand strategy and presented a results-focused website plan during our kick-off meeting.


This plan outlines the primary goals of your website, an outline of pages and content, and a strategic flow to help get visitors where they need to go (in order to take the action you want them to take!)


This plan sets us up to dive confidently into the website design and development stage.



conversion copywriting


Simultaneous to your website design and development, we’ll also develop conversion-focused copy for your website.


We’ll base this copy off of your branding workbook, independent research, and our strategy meeting.


This copy is a crucial piece of the profitable-website puzzle (but it’s often demoted to the bottom of the priority list), which is why we include it by default in our packages. In the end, it’s the words on your website that will close deals and help you bring in more leads.


Your expertly written website copy will reflect your brand’s tone of voice, appeal to your ideal client, incorporate on-page SEO, and focus on conversion.



website design & development


The highlight of the project: we bring everything (brand identity design, photography, copy, and strategy) together into a custom website saturated in your brand and ready to connect with and convert ideal clients.




Because of the time we devote to strategy and planning at the start of the project, our website design and development stage is streamlined. The website outline acts as a guide while we create graphic elements and layouts that will deliver the best experience for your visitors and help you collect more leads and book more clients.


The websites we develop are fully mobile responsive, are set up using SEO best practices, and are easily accessed and maintained by our clients post-launch (if they choose). We even provide complimentary website training to show you how to log in, navigate around the dashboard, and make common updates like swapping out text or photos.



revision phases


After each design phase (brand, collateral, website), there’s a revision phase allotted for you to review new designs and provide feedback. We’ll discuss changes you’d like to make (if needed) and polish up each set of designs before moving on to the next phase.



launch prep & support


Launching your new brand and website is exciting, and it’s a great time to generate some buzz and awareness for your business. We’ll provide suggestions on how to make the most of your upcoming launch and provide you with some fun bonuses to help you make the announcement!


Of course, we’re also on standby to handle the technical stuff and make sure your website is humming along smoothly.


In just 8 weeks, our signature brand + web development package outfits your business with a strategic + purposeful plan, a original new brand identity, engaging marketing collateral, copywriting, brand photography, and a beautiful (and results-focused!) new website. If you’re interested in seeing booking details, you can check out our service packages here.

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