Why You Need to Make Packages for Your Services + How to Get Started

by | May 14, 2018

You’ll hear it all the time: it’s very hard to scale a service-based business.

It’s true that scaling up a service-based business is totally different than scaling a product-based one, but it’s not impossible.

If you sell services and want to grow your business – whether scaling in the traditional sense or just earning more money without working additional hours yourself – it all starts with your packages.

Creating packages for your services goes far beyond labeling the types of things you do for people on your website (e.g “consulting”, “personal training”, “residential cleaning”). Building service packages is about streamlining what you offer and how you work – allowing you to schedule your time better, serve clients more efficiently, better predict your income and manage cash flow, and – eventually, if it’s in your plans – hire a bigger team and hand off tasks to others so you can focus on managing the growth of your business.

None of those things can happen if you don’t have documented, predictable, and repeatable packages for your services.


Productize your services

Productizing your services starts with defining them very specifically.

To productize your service, you need to have a documented, repeatable process for doing the work.

If you’re a solo business owner and do all the client work yourself, this documented, repeatable process means you can predict your schedule, how many clients you can effectively manage at once, and how much your business will make throughout the year. As a business owner with a team or employees, this documented, repeatable process means you can teach other people to do the work and still achieve predictable results for your clients.

Productizing your services also makes them easier to sell to clients. You can outline your service packages on your website, complete with the steps involved in a project, the timeline + budget, and the result your clients will get. Just like a product, a potential client can review your service package, decide if it meets their needs, and pre-qualify themselves. By the time they talk to you, they already have most of the information they need to make a purchasing decision and are likely most-of-the-way sold on working with you.

Bottom line: productizing your services makes it easier to sell, easier to manage, and easier to scale.


Pre-packaged, but customizable

As a service-based business, you can’t completely remove customization. Every client is unique, and you probably want to offer a solution that you know meets an individual client’s needs well.

You can still productize your service-based business without making your clients feel like you offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

Starting with a predefined package gives you an organized baseline for operating your business. Then, you can map out what parts of a project can be flexible – and how you can customize those parts to fit an individual clients needs – in order to provide customization. Setting these guidelines and options in advance means you can still retain all the benefits of a productized service package while meeting each client’s needs.


How to Create Your Service Packages

Ready to create your own packages for your services? Here’s how to get started.



The obvious first step is to decide what will be included in your package. Say you’re a personal fitness trainer, for example, and you’re going to build a beginner’s fitness package. You decide that this package will include:

  • A customized fitness and nutrition experience that lasts 6 months
  • A new client 60-minute orientation meeting, where you’ll map out a customized fitness and nutrition plan with your client to follow for the duration of your work together
  • Weekly, 60-minute personal training sessions at your gym during which you’ll work through the exercises outlined in the client’s custom fitness plan
  • A weekly meal plan outlining breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes for your client to cook in their own home
  • A detailed progress report at the end of the 6-month program that outlines the health and fitness improvements the client accomplished during the program and steps to follow in order to set and achieve their next fitness goals.

When you outline your package, be specific. What exactly will a client get? What steps will you work through? What are the results? Don’t resist being specific for the sake and being customizable.

The point of productized services is that they are well defined – so well defined, in fact, that you could potentially hand the work off to an employee and produce the same results for the client.

And as you can see from our personal trainer example above, a well-defined service package doesn’t mean that the service isn’t a custom-fit for the client. The example above outlines a specific, predictable, and repeatable service, but leaves room to tailor the experience to fit the client’s needs.



After you’ve mapped out what will go into your service package, you can estimate how long it will take to complete and set a defined timeline for the offer (which will help you manage your workflow, enable you to serve more client effectively, and find time in your schedule for taking vacations.)



Knowing what, specifically, will go into your package and how long it will take also allows you to predict how much it should cost. If you feel resistant to setting a specific flat rate, you can set a range instead. But, realistically, if you’ve done a good job of outlining exactly what goes into a package and how long it takes, you should be able to decide how much to charge for it.



After outlining your package, timeline, and price, identify what first step a potential client needs to take to purchase the package.

This step might seem like a minor one, but being strategic about this step is an important part of streamlining your process and business.

For example, if the first step in the purchasing process is a consultation, you can link your call to action button directly to a scheduling calendar so a prospect can book a time with you.

Or, if the first step is delivering a quote on the project, your call to action can lead to a website form that collects the specific information you need to make the quote.


Your Turn!

Using the steps outlined in this post, create productized service packages to streamline your business and set you up for growth (without the stress that comes from unpredictable client projects).

(If you’re interested in hands-on help to create profitable, streamlined service packages for your business, check out our Brand Sprints!)

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